How does it work?

We listen, we score, we give feedback

Children’s speech is scored at the sentence, word and phoneme level!

Scores are compared to pre-determined thresholds established by human experts

Variance from the threshold drives the repainting of the screen, feedback delivered!


Introducing, FluencyRev™, the next best thing to reading to someone.

…Practice Reading with feedback for all children!

step 1

1. Listen to the model

Listen to the native model. Recommended 3x. It’s a native speaker with infinite patience that never tires. No child should be without someone to read to them!

step 2 1

2. Slow the Model

Slow the model down to a speed you can easily understand. Children can be read to at a speed they can understand and enjoy!

step 3

3. Speak - Read - Record

Press record and imitate the model as best you can. Children love to read out loud and know that they are being listened to!

step 4

4. Cloud

Results you can understand. Red and green are determined by preset thresholds appropriate for the student population. LanguaMetrics™ is a leader in the field of analyzing children's oral reading.

step 5 1

5. See what you said!

Look for red words and letters to see where you can improve. Children love the multi-colored feedback. It makes sense to them immediately and motivates them to improve.

step 6

6. Replay your voice!

Listen to your recording and focus on the red words. Do you hear the errors? Not convinced, replay the model, replay your recording, you’ll soon understand how to improve!

step 7

7. Try again!

Seeing where to improve - hearing how to improve, try again! Your mission - get the red out! Its fun and you can try as many times as you like!

Let’s help all children become strong readers…

…FluencyRev™ is waiting to listen to your young readers!

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