Supporting the
Science of Reading

“The Science of Reading is the converging
evidence of what matters and what works in
literacy instruction, organized around models
that describe how and why.”

There is consensus
around the
following elements
that make up the
Science of Reading

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The Simple View of Reading, that Reading Comprehension equals Decoding plus Language Comprehension, continues to be supported.

Phonological awareness is needed for students to connect phonemes to letters to support word decoding.

Phonics and word recognition are needed for students to understand letter sounds and the sounds within words.

Fluency practice, the oral reading and re-reading of connected text is needed to develop the automaticity and prosody required to achieve comprehension of the text.

Vocabulary and oral language comprehension featuring read aloud texts and language rich interactions in instruction are needed to develop text comprehension.

Text comprehension is achieved via rich read-aloud texts and scaffolded reading, monitoring for meaning, building inferences and discussing structures.

FluencyRev™ and its companion product

PhonicsRev™ are ideally suited to assist teachers
in implementing the Science of Reading.

Both products leverage advanced automated speech recognition developed by LanguaMetrics, Inc.
This technology is nearly a decade in development and is a world leader in the science of analyzing children’s oral reading.

LanguaMetrics’ technology has been helping children learn to read and speak the English language all over the world and is based on the analysis of hundreds of thousands of recordings, carefully scored by expert human raters to develop the world’s most advanced scoring models of children learning to read.


Green text: Correct pronunciation
Red text: Misread word
Yellow text: Possible mispronunciation
Crossed out gray text: Missing words

At the core of the Science of Reading is the ability to “sound out words”. FluencyRev™ and PhonicsRev™ provide visual feedback on each word the child reads.

The child is wearing a microphone headset and reading from the screen. The system quickly scores this audio for pronunciation accuracy and repaints the colors of the text to show the learner the words that were pronounced correctly (decoded and produced) and the words that need improvement (trouble decoding and or producing). This is the application of advanced technology to the traditional task of “sounding it out”.

The learner is receiving feedback on his/her oral reading as if a teacher or parent were sitting beside him/her pointing with a finger and properly pronouncing the words that were not properly decoded or uttered. This is
a very powerful addition of science applied to Reading. It is the application of technology to the guidelines provided by the Science of Reading.

The focus in both products is
on word level pronunciation accuracy.

Every word the child reads is scored according to the advanced models developed specifically for children. PhonicsRev™ focuses on a standard systematic approach to the sounds of the language.
Each sound and blend and the standard combinations are available in individual models that can be assigned to students in accordance with any of the popular phonics methodologies.


A series of “Letter” books is included to aid with phonological awareness and both products contain both decodable books and leveled readers.

In FluencyRev™ the focus is on connected text and developing automaticity and prosody, as called for by the Science of Reading. Children are rewarded for book completion and pronunciation accuracy with stars and points. The content of the books has been developed to allow each child access to text, one year below at, and one year above their grade level to foster individual choice
and a love of reading. Quiz questions in each book develop comprehension.

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